1. Families Connecting Training

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Oasis College is pleased to announce that it will be delivering Training for ‘Families Connecting’ during 2018.

Families Connecting is a free service offering individual relationship education to individuals, or families, who are struggling with their relationships, or experiencing relationship breakdown. Further information about Families Connecting can be found on their website 'Familes Connecting' 

Their service is suitable for those who do not need counselling but would benefit from support and ideas to move their relationship forward. It is well respected, with referrals primarily from the GP surgery within which it is located but also from Health Visitors, Mental Health teams, Schools, and Churches and word of mouth.

Research on the service found that clients attended fewer GP appointments and were offered fewer antidepressants as a result of attending sessions. GP’s reported that they had been able to refer clients to Families Connecting rather than NHS mental health services, which have a long waiting list and limited sessions to offer patients. The majority of the clients reported an improvement in their relationship. The greatest impact was on the clients understanding of themselves, others and the dynamics of their relationship. One client commented, ‘I feel we have got strategies in place that we just pull out of the hat…and use which works, seems to work, or is enough to not let it all spiral out of control again.’ And another indicated, ‘We are more focussed as a team, we have got more of an understanding of what the situation is.’

The courses are run in the Cullompton area. Each module costs £330.

Requirements for each module are:

  • Attendance at 3 taught days,
  • Involvement in working with the target group,
  • A 1,500 word assessed reflective portfolio.

The three modules can be taken independently, or all three qualify someone to work with families, through an organisation in conjunction with Families Connecting. All sessions are run twice, only one should be attended. Dates are to be confirmed.

The modules are

  • Working with Families with children under 11 (February 8th/10th, March 8th/10th, April 19th/21st)
  • Working with Families with children over 11 (May 10th/12th, June 7th/9th , July 5th/7th,
  • Working with Families in Challenging Circumstances (September, October, November – Dates to be confirmed)

Successful students are award a Staffordshire University Certificate of Credit of 15 CATS credits at Level 3 for each module completed.  

Courses will run with a minimum number of 8 students. A letter of endorsement you’re your organisation is required before starting the course. Your organisation will supervise the practical elements of working with families within the courses.

Please contact Oasis College for further details, or if you wish to apply. [registry@oasiscollege.ac.uk]

2. Accreditated Counselling Training 

We are very pleased that Heart&Mind will be delivering part time accredited Counselling Training at Oasis College during the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Their website gives further details about the Level 3 'Cerificate in Counselling', which offers an introduction to counselling underpinned by a Christian worldview and accredited by the CPCAB, providing a unique opportunity to study a professionally recognised and accredited course from an integrative Christian Perspective.The Level 5 'Diploma in Counselling' course offers accredited training in a variety of recognised counselling models, as well as skills development, understanding the professional and ethical frameworks for counselling, and gives graduates an opportunity progress towards becoming competent professional counsellors.

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